January 2022 Update from Jonasam

December 2021 Update from Raymundo

November 2021 Update from Jonasam

Our congregation has supported the spreading of the Gospel in the Philippines for many years, beginning with Lordy Salunga and Jojo Tacbad. Along with these men, we now support Raymundo Tacbad and Sammy Medrano. Greg and Paula Claridge have maintained relationships with them all and strive to encourage them in the work they are doing for the Lord.

Through these men many people are learning the truth of Christ and deciding to follow him. Several churches throughout the country are served, and a radio program is also broadcast regularly.

Please pray for Lordy, Jojo, Raymundo, and Sammy as well as our Christian brothers and sisters in the Philippines.

                          Sammy Medrano and His Wife

                                    Jojo Tacbad and Family

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