April 2020 Report

Eric and Shawnda Brandell began to work in Vanuatu in 2005 (with our own Mike Olson) and plan to stay through 2025. They are currently based in Port Vila and are focusing on the following three ministries:

1. LaetHaus Ministry - The Brandells were able to purchase some property and have been working to turn it into a place where members of the church throughout the islands can come together for teaching and fellowship. They host four main events per year: a men's retreat, a youth camp, a women's retreat, and a preacher's training workshop.

2. Family Mission Trips - During school breaks, the Brandell family travels to the outer islands to visit and encourage the brothers and sisters who live in more rural communities.

3. Day-to-Day Ministry - The Brandells work daily to show Christ's example to the people around them through Bible studies, service, and by raising 3 children to know God.

Pray for the Brandell family as they spread the good news of Christ in Vanuatu.

More information can be found on their website, as well as the Facebook page which is updated frequently.

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